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Community, Environment, Animal Welfare


In PEI we want to try and support those areas that aren't. We are currently looking for partners for community based programs. Some of the projects we are currently looking at are to support breakfast programs, homeless work programs, homeless shelter donations, and any kind of childhood educational or development programs! Get in touch with us if you would like to partner on any of these intiatives! 

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PEI is surrounded by amazing nature and we want to keep it that way. We are looking for environmental groups to work with to help support the environment through tree planting, river and watershed maintenance, roadside and beach cleanups, and more. We hope to sponsor and manage garbage cans at some public beaches this summer in order to encourage beach-goers to stash their trash instead of leaving it on the beach. If you have an environmental project that needs support, please reach out. 

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PEI is lucky to have such a well-funded animal shelter for cats and dogs, but it is an expensive shelter to maintain and costs never cease. We hope to support PEI's animal shelter through funding and create awareness on the issues surrounding abandonment of these animals. If you have a project surrounding cats and dogs animal welfare, please get in touch. 

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