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PROGRAMS in malapascua

Community, Environment, Animal Welfare


In Malapascua Island the community is only made up of around 8000 people so the community is intertwined. We have partnered with People and the Sea, another non-profit organization based in Malapascua Island, who focuses on this issue. We hope to help fund their programs such as their "homestay" program which helps local families get approval and permits to be able to rent their homes out to incoming tourists for some income. They also do gardening training to help people learn how to plant and manage gardens using their compost, which they also teach them to make! They also work with the fishing community to help setup sustainable fishing methods for them to ensure more and larger fish can be caught now and into the future. Check out the People and the Sea FACEBOOK account or WEBSITE



The environment is important all over the world, but it is more prominent when dealing with islands! Malapascua Island is such a small island and it's resources are limited. At only 2.5km long, the island can only hold so many people. How can we mitigate our impact? Reduce plastic waste, ensure proper solid and human waste management, encourage best practices, and protect the environment. Our partner, People and the Sea, have been the backbone of the island's first waste management program for the island, underwater cleanups, beach cleanups, and more. We hope to support these programs so they can continue their amazing work with the environment there. 



It is common to see stray cats and dogs here everywhere you go. They used to live off of food scraps from restaurants and tourists feeding them before COVID, but things have changed. In order to mitigate the population, Malapascua Paw Heroes has setup an animal shelter there. We support this initiative to help fund their programs such as spay/neuter, taking in the strays, bathing and treating stray sick animals, and having the end goal of getting them all spayed and neutered. Check out their FACEBOOK page here

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