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About Us

Our focus is ISLANDS. Two islands in particular... Prince Edward Island, Canada and Malapascua Island, Philippines. Our president, Lee Gallant, was born in PEI and grew up here but took an adventure to the Philippines that he would never forget. He found Malapascua Island, a small island only about 2.5km long with no roads or big developments. While there Lee chaired a small non-profit organization to help the island and the businesses there which helped set up a local waste management program, managed various beach and underwater cleanups, and more. He also was a co-founder of an animal shelter there, Malapascua Paw Heroes. After 8 years back and forth there, he has returned back to PEI with a desire to continue helping people not only there, but also in PEI. 

The focus of Island for Islands is based on three key pillars: Community, Environment, and Animal Welfare. 50% of our funding stays in PEI and 50% of our funding goes to Malapascua Island. Our mission is to help these island communities thrive through these three pillars by increasing the quality of life for both humans and animals alike. In Malapascua Island we have partnered with non-profit People and the Sea to help support their initiatives aligned with our own. In PEI, we are actively looking for partnerships that align with our goals and working on our own initiatives to help improve all things relating to our three pillars. 

Community. Environment. Animal Welfare.

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